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February 6, 2012 Scottsdale, Arizona is a Great Place for a Family Posted In: Results, Uncategorized

On February 7th, we’ll have the opportunity to be in Scottsdale, Arizona for our next Absolute Auction. As the day draws closer, we get more and more excited about the area as well as the property itself. The home is a lot of fun already with a zip line and indoor gym while having the sophistication of being built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

You’ll want the home to continue feeling as though it were a natural occupant of the environment, especially after you fall in love with Scottsdale. We’ve already told you about the many trails that you can enjoy during your stay, but the community is excellent for families. The Scottsdale Mom Blog is one example of how welcoming and involved the community is. Whether you are enjoying the world class golfing or planning to participate in Mom’s Night Out, we think you’ll be glad that you decided to make Scottsdale your new home.

For people without families yet, there is always plenty of nightlife to enjoy. You can enjoy the single life while knowing that someday, if you decide you want to start a family, you’ll be in a great community for it and your house will be more than capable of housing a family.

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Photo Credit: Grand Estates Auction