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December 14, 2011 Three Ways to Decorate with Trees Before an Auction Posted In: Results, Uncategorized

If you’re going to put your home up for auction during the holidays, then you probably want to add a few touches of season in your home. While we think that decorated trees are a great addition to any home, we also know that they sometimes hide some of the home’s best features. Instead, we think that these next examples show creative ways to incorporate trees in a holiday design without following the norm!

Interesting colors and different shapes are a great way to decorate a home. We think putting a tree in a pot like the one above helps to bring the eye to the detail on walls.

Using two decorated, potted plants on either side of a fireplace can highlight a fireplace that has great stone work or detailed mantles.

A little tree situated on a table or by the door that is decorated with candy canes can also be used to give out treats to people coming to see your property.

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Source & Photo Credit: 33 Christmas Decorations Ideas Bringing The Christmas Spirit into Your Living Room