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November 11, 2011 Use Color to Increase the Appeal of Your Property Posted In: Results, Uncategorized

If you’re preparing to auction your home, you are likely already going through a number of steps that are inexpensive and can help you receive a better price. Frequently, people like to paint their walls a nice, neutral color because that won’t distract the potential buyers. There is nothing wrong with that, but you can use colors still in ways that will enhance everything that is special and attractive about your home while leaving all those beige, neutral houses a distant memory in the buyer’s mind once they fall in love with the house you have to offer them.

You can use this color sparingly to bring attention to the best aspects of your home. Red has been credited with raising a person’s heart rate and improving their cognitive performance. If you want to ensure that your potential buyers remember the granite countertops or a specific room that makes your home stand out from others, use a red accessory or a vase of red flowers to decorate.

Green is a color that is associated with balance and life. Try to have plenty of houseplants around the house. It will help potential buyers feel more comfortable and reassured.

Unless you are going with a modern design, you wouldn’t want to have white walls. However, white is an excellent choice for your trim work. It makes a room seem cleaner and also helps to created a perception of space for smaller rooms.

If you’re interested in other colors, read more about them and their effect on potential buyers at Styled Staged & Sold.

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