Word from our founder Val DeVine

GEA Inc.'s Current status.

August 17th, 2018

Important message from our founder and President.

I would like to thank our past employees, computer forensics experts, authorities,  clients, vendors, attorneys, creditors,  regulatory agencies etc  who have assisted us since November 2016 as we remain undeterred  in our litigation against defendants Jeremy Wyatt LeClair, Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc. Source.auction, Grandeur Luxury Auctions Inc.

God Bless all of you for your sympathy, empathy, ongoing assistance and support.

Val DeVine

Please be advised.

GEA Inc. is not currently operational and will not be until we regain exclusive and complete control of all our Intellectual Property including its proprietary work processes and exclusive database residing in its Salesforce account, use of its trademarks and any of its derivatives. 

We hope to be operational in order to deliver the outstanding results that GEA Inc. has delivered since 1999. Click here to see what our clients say about us and our Record Breaking Sales. Click here for details. 

Be advised that our database and all of its work processes and Intellectual Property residing in its Salesforce account or in any other CRM, is not to be accessed, transferred, copied, marketed nor sold by anyone except GEA Inc, sole owner of its proprietary database and all of its work processes. 

GEA Inc. will seek any and all legal remedies to the full extent of the law against any individuals or companies who transfer or attempt  to transfer, access our database and or data,  Intellectual Property, work processes or trademarks without the express written permission of GEA Inc.  

Let us be clear: 

GEA Inc. has never sold any of its IP to anyone and it's been determined by Judge Eric Levinson that GEA Inc. is the exclusive owner of its database in November 2016.

See download section below for documents confirming that GEA Inc. never sold any of its IP including its database residing in our SalesForce account. 

If you're approached by anyone, including Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair  who was just denied by the courts a name change petition to Jeremy Wyatt on August 15th, 2018, please be clear of the following: 

LeClair, nor any of his companies, have absolutely no rights to anything related to GEA Inc. Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc. and LeClair had a non-exclusive license which was terminated in November 2016  after less than 100 days. 

 If LeClair or anyone claim to "have bought the company" please know this is a false statement and they're marketing, accessing, illegal copies of our database, Intellectual Property etc. 


Name change petition by Jeremy LeClair to Jeremy Wyatt was DENIED by Judge Oki. One of LeClair's creditors  in his bankruptcy filed an objection to his proposed name change. 

Click here for objection. 

Click here to read LeClair's response to creditor's objection. 

Click here for his name change petition from Jeremy Wyatt LeClair to Jeremy Wyatt which was denied by the courts. 

Click here to see a list of Jeremy Leclair's  companies.

Val DeVine

President of GEA Inc. (a Nevada Corporation)

GEA Inc. is the exclusive owner of all registered trademarks related to Grand Estates Auction Company including Grand Estates, PPP, Grand Estates Auction Company, Come Prepared to Bid and Buy under the US Trademark and Patent office. See link here  for  GEA Inc's trademarks.  

 GEA Inc. will seek any and all legal remedies  against any individuals or companies who transfer or attempt  to transfer our database and or data,  Intellectual Property, work processes or trademarks without the express written permission of GEA Inc.  

Salesforce is a registered trademark of SalesForce.com.

Public Records Jeremy Wyatt LeClair


Jeremy Wyatt LeClair signed  a name change petition in California  on June 12th, 2018 the same day he filed  a $63 Million bankruptcy in North Carolina. 

Proposed name change was from Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy W LeClair to Jeremy Wyatt. Petition was denied by the courts on August, 15th, 2018.

Click here for details. 

The following public records contain decisions rendered by Federal  and NC State courts, North Carolina Court of Appeals, California Courts denying LeClair  preliminary injunctions, , appeals, dismissals etc... against LeClair.  

Included are fraud judgments, stayed lawsuits due to LeClair's $63 Million Bankruptcy, California Dept of Insurance fraud accusations, license forfeitures, auction license application, etc...

GEA Inc. and its principals are the plaintiffs in a lawsuit, which is stayed due to LeClair's bankruptcy filing, where all of LeClair's defenses against our claims of conversion, voidable conveyance, breach of licensing agreement etc....have been thrown out by a court order in July, 2017.  Said order was appealed by LeClair and his companies and denied by the NC Court of Appeals on May 15th, 2018 a month before his bankruptcy filing.

Please note defendant LeClair has been denied on several occasions, in Florida, California and NC state courts and Federal court, injunctions against GEA Inc. and its principals. Several times he has failed to appear in court.

Jeremy LeClair or Jeremy Wyatt as he now wants to be known professionally was also  denied an appeal by the NC Court of Appeals in May 2018 which upheld a ruling which threw out all of his defenses due to a failure to comply with a court order.  

Mr. LeClair surrendered his NC Insurance license in Nov 2017 in lieu of regulatory action for 25 years and surrendered his NC auction license in January 2017. 

 All of these documents are public records readily available.

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