Word from our founder Val DeVine


Important message about GEA Inc.


Important message from our founder and President Val DeVine.

I would like to thank our past employees, past clients, vendors, attorneys, computer forensics experts, creditors, regulatory agencies etc who have assisted us since November 2016 in our litigation against defendants Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy W LeClair, Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc. Source.auction, Grandeur Luxury Auctions Inc. etc...

We sincerely thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

God Bless all of you for your sympathy, empathy, ongoing support and assistance.

Please note:

GEA Inc. is not currently operational and will not be until we regain exclusive and complete control of all our Intellectual Property including its proprietary work processes and exclusive database residing in its Salesforce account, use of its trademarks and any of its derivatives. 

We hope to be operational in order to deliver the outstanding results that GEA Inc. has delivered since 1999. Click here to see what our clients say about us.

Be advised that our database and all of its work processes and Intellectual Property residing in its Salesforce account or in any other CRM, is not to be accessed and cannot be sold by anyone except GEA Inc, sole owner of its proprietary database and all of its work processes. 

We will seek legal remedy to the full extent of the law if anyone either accesses or markets any of our Intellectual Property or any of its derivatives.

Let me be clear: 

GEA Inc. has never sold any of its IP to anyone and it's been determined by Judge Eric Levinson that GEA Inc. is the exclusive owner of its database in November 2016.


If you're approached by anyone, including Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair  a or any of his companies, claiming that they "purchased the company" or have rights to anything etc.. related to GEA Inc. please know this is a false statement and they're marketing illegal copies of our database, Intellectual Property, etc. GEA Inc. currently has counter-claims against Mr LeClair in Federal court the intellectual property theft etc. Click here for details. 

Val Devine

President of GEA Inc. (a Nevada Corporation)

GEA Inc. is the exclusive owner of all registered trademarks related to Grand Estates Auction Company including Grand Estates, PPP, Grand Estates Auction Company, Come Prepared to Bid and Buy under the US Trademark and Patent office. See link here  for  GEA Inc's trademarks.  

 GEA Inc. will seek any and all legal remedies  against any individuals or companies who transfer or attempt  to transfer our database and or data,  Intellectual Property, work processes or trademarks without the express written permission of GEA Inc.  

Salesforce is a registered trademark. 

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