GEA Inc's Database and Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property of GEA Inc.

Since its inception in 1999 our success was built on a solid foundation and integration of cutting edge information technology (IT), innovative marketing techniques such as our trademarked S.M.A.R.T program, customer relationship management CRM, curated, proprietary database of 100k+ High Net Worth Individuals, work processes and Intellectual Property developed by GEA Inc. for its exclusive use integrated into our Salesforce account for safekeeping. 

GEA Inc's database salesforce and Intellectual Property


GEA Inc's Keys to Success

GEA Inc.'s Intellectual Property and seamless integration of its proprietary work processes, combined with a customized CRM program residing in a database Salesforce, created unparalleled results for our clients since 1999. 

In fact the North Carolina Court of Appeals, case #COA17-1055, in a May 15th 2018 decision  rendered by a three judge panel, stated:

"Ms.DeVine's companies were highly successful, in part to (1) GEA's ownership of valuable trademarks, (2) GEA's ownership of 47 registered domain sites and (3) a large customer database that GEA and Ms.DeVine has assembled over the years."  

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Record Breaking Sales

GEA Inc.'s technology, proprietary work processes and database combined with its innovative use of cutting edge marketing techniques (such as a customized Salesforce account CRM) have produced record-breaking luxury real estate sales throughout North America.

Case in point we achieved the 2nd highest resale ever in Michigan.

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Our trademarked Strategic Marketing Accelerated Real Estate Transaction (S.M.A.R.T) program, combined with all of GEA Inc.'s work processes, ensured that we've achieved the highest sell through rate in the entire luxury real estate auction marketplace.

 GEA Inc. will seek any and all legal remedies  against any individuals or companies who clones, use, market,  transfer or attempt  to transfer our crm database salesforce and or data,  Intellectual Property, work processes or trademarks without the express written permission of GEA Inc.