Jeremy Wyatt LeClair companies.

Here's a sampling of Jeremy Wyatt LeClair's companies both active and inactive. 

Important to note that under one of his companies LeClair is listed as a director and Jeremy Wyatt is listed as CEO.  LeClair filed in June 2018 to get his name changed from Jeremy LeClair to Jeremy Wyatt. The same day he filed for bankruptcy. Objection to his name changed have been filed by his creditors 

 Three of them (Grandeur Luxury Auctions Inc, Source.Auction LLC and Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc were/are related to the luxury real estate auction industry) are being sued for fraud, for millions of dollars, though all proceedings are stayed pending LeClair's bankruptcy filing. LLC New Mexico and LLC North Carolina are still listed as active as of June 26th, 2018. 

The Wyatt Financial Asset & Insurance Agency in Los Angeles California is listed as an asset holding company with Jeremy LeClair listed as director and Jeremy Wyatt as CEO in a filing dated May 2018.  It is currently still active according to public documents.  Both Jeremy LeClair and Jeremy Wyatt are the same persons. LeClair tried to get a name change which was denied in California.

4N1Fund Insurance Solutions Inc. in California already has a fraud judgment for nearly $125,000. Jeremy LeClair has a fraud judgment in California for nearly $590,000.

See Judgments sections on our website for details of fraud judgments.