Terminated Licensee Jeremy LeClair and his lawsuits

Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair

Terminated Licensee Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair of Cornelius, North Carolina


See download section  for documents regarding 5 pending lawsuits, 2 fraud judgments against Jeremy LeClair  and his companies Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc, Grandeur Luxury Auctions, Source.auction, 4N1Fund Insurance Solutions Inc

Click to read his own attorney's letter confirming that LeClair has no rights to the database, domain names nor any intellectual property owned by GEA INC.

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Lawsuit news July 17th, 2017. Judge Lewis's order dated July 10th, 2017 has now been appealed with the North Carolina Court of Appeals. This has stayed the trial that was scheduled to begin July 17, 2017 and everything is on hold until the North Carolina Court of Appeals hears the appeal filed by the defendant Jeremy LeClair and Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc. 

We have chosen not to argue the appeal and instead are waiting go to trial , where a jury will get to see and hear all of the evidence presented by Plaintiffs GEA Inc, DeVine and Farkas versus Defendant Jeremy LeClair, Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc et al.


On July 10th, 2017 Jeremy LeClair and Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc failed to comply with a court order in NC state case 16-CVS-19851 and Judge Lewis stated the following " The Court FINDS, pursuant to Defendant LeClair's deposition testimony and otherwise, that LeClair intentionally destroyed or physically disposed of computers and materials at issue in this basis. On the basis of Defendant LeClair's destruction or physical disposal of certain computers and materials, the Court FINDS as not credible LeClair's assertion that he does not possess the password(s) and other credentials necessary to access the Dell PowerEdge 2950 server."

See Judge Lewis's order here.

Past Lawsuits and Fraud Judgments

1- March 28, 2017 $590,908.50 fraud judgement against Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair. Case #BC575500 Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Central District.Click to read

2- May 18th, 2016. Fraud judgement against Jeremy LeClair and 4N1Fund Insurance Solutions.  Case # PC05652 Superior Court State of California, County of Los Angeles for $124,524,85 Click to read.

Jeremy LeClair, a resident of Cornelius, North Carolina is currently the president of 4N1Fund Insurance Solutions Inc, a NC insurance company.


Current lawsuits:

1-We are currently suing Mr. LeClair for his false advertising claims regarding his websites  www.Source.auction, breach of contract etc in Federal Court. Case # 3:17-CV-00185 North Carolina Western District Court.

2- In addition we're the plaintiffs in the State Case in Mecklenburg County Superior Court 16-CVS-19851. 

Mr LeClair is currently being sued for breach of license to pay royalties, breach of license by preventing inspection, breach of license by failing to pay minimum royalties, breach of license for continued use of customer database, breach of license by transfer of customer database, breach of stock purchase agreement for failure to pay royalties, voidable conveyance, conversion of Intellectual property etc....That case is currently on hold until an appeal by Defendant LeClair regarding his failure to comply to a court order is heard. Click here to read order.

3- June 12th, 2017 Mr LeClair  is currently being sued in Federal Court for Negligence, Negligent Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract, Fraud, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Hidden Valley Ranch Holdings, LLC v. Luxury Auctions Marketing, Inc. Jeremy LeClair, www.source.auction, Grandeur Luxury Auctions et al (3:17-cv-00320)

North Carolina Western District Court. Click here to read  lawsuit.

4- June 23rd, 2017 Atain Specialty Insurance Company v. Luxury Auctions Marketing, Inc. et al (3:17-cv-00344) North Carolina Western District Court

Nature of Suit: Contract - Insurance

Click here to read lawsuit

5-June 29th, 2017  Atain Specialty Insurance Company v. Luxury Auctions Marketing, Inc. et al (3:17-cv-00368)

North Carolina Western District Court 

Nature of Suit: Contract - Insurance 

Click here to read lawsuit.

Furthermore he nor any other company has the right to use in any manner the name Grand Estates Auction Company (a federally registered trademark owned by GEA Inc), its intellectual property or its proprietary database. Jeremy LeClair's non exclusive license was terminated by GEA Inc and was accepted as terminated by the Mecklenburg County Superior Court as of Nov 10th, 2016.

To recap Mr.LeClair did not buy GEA Inc nor 4K&D Corporation d/b/a Grand Estates Auction Company. 

Jeremy LeClair or anyone else has no right to any of our proprietary database, it can not be marketed, sold or granted access to. Anyone who is granted access is doing so illegally and we will seek any remedy available to us under the law.

Prior to joining Grand Estates Auction Company as a salaried employee in January 2016 Mr LeClair had no luxury real estate auction experience and has attended a total of 5 luxury real estate auctions with Grand Estates Auction Company. 

Furthermore Jeremy LeClair,Source.Auction, Grandeur Luxury Auctions, Grandeur Luxury, Grandeur Yacht Auctions et al are NOT affiliated with GEA INC, a registered Nevada Corp nor 4K&D Corp nor Grand Estates Auction Company. Grand Estates Auction Company is a US registered trademark owned exclusively by GEA Inc.