Terminated Licensee Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair



Terminated Licensee Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy LeClair

 Recent fraud judgements against Jeremy LeClair and his companies.

1- March 28, 2017 $590,908.50 fraud judgement against Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair. Case #BC575500 Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Central District.

2- May 18th, 2016. Fraud judgement against Jeremy LeClair and 4N1Fund Insurance Solutions.  Case # PC05652 Superior Court State of California, County of Los Angeles for $124,524,85.

Mr. LeClair was the president of 4N1Fund Insurance Solutions.


Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy LeClair, Source.Auction, jeremywyattleclair.com, grandeurluxuryauctions, grandeurluxury, grandeuryachtauctions et al are  NOT affiliated with GEA INC, a registered Nevada Corp nor 4K&D Corp nor Grand Estates Auction Company. 

We are currently suing Mr. LeClair for his false advertising claims regarding his websites in Federal Court. Case # 3:17-CV-00185 North Carolina Western District Court.  

Furthermore he or any other company has no right to use in any manner the name Grand Estates Auction Company(a federally registered trademark owned by GEA Inc), its intellectual property, its proprietary database as his non exclusive license was terminated by GEA Inc and was accepted as terminated by the Mecklenburg County Superior Court as of Nov 10th, 2016. 

On October 5th, 2016 Jeremy Wyatt LeClair, Kyle Whelan, Andy Sumlin, Tori Fredericks, Les Monde and Blake Limerick removed from our corporate offices specific computers and our server containing intellectual property and assets, Grand Estates Auction company branded marketing materials, corporate records, auction day supplies and most importantly our proprietary and protected database without our knowledge, permission or authority to a location under Mr LeClair's control at 400 North Harbor Drive suite H, Davidson NC 28036. A police report was filed with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police. 

Mr LeClair or anyone else has no right to any of our proprietary database, it can not be marketed, sold or granted access to. Anyone who is granted access is doing so illegally and we will seek any remedy available to us under the law. 

Prior to joining Grand Estates Auction Company in January 2016 Mr LeClair had no luxury real estate auction experience and has attended a total of 5 luxury real estate auctions with Grand Estates Auction Company.