Jeremy LeClair files $63 million chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Jeremy Wyatt LeClair, November 9th, 2016.

Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt

On June 12th, 2018 former licensee Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy LeClair  aka Jeremy W LeClair of North Carolina filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the Western District of NC Federal court. Case number 3:18-bk-30903.   

Latest update August 29th, 2018. LeClair's bankruptcy has been moved to California.  The next scheduled hearing in front of the bankruptcy trustee is November 20th, 2018. 

Bankruptcy Trustee is Sam S Leslie. 


3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 990

Los Angeles, CA 90010


Jeremy LeClair listed the following companies in his bankruptcy filing.

1- Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc 


3- Grandeur Luxury Auctions Inc

All of these companies were being sued, including LeClair, and the bankruptcy filing has stayed all litigation.

The bankruptcy filing lists debts of $63,107,179.05 (63 million +) and assets less than $50,000 (fifty thousand). 

In this case he's trying to discharge 2 fraud judgments (totaling over $715,000), tax liens totaling over $300,000 to the IRS and the State of California along with other debts. 

LeClair now resides in California according to court filings and hearing transcripts from 2018. 

Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy LeClair signed a name change petition in California, the same day he filed bankruptcy in North Carolina, for a change to Jeremy Wyatt. It was denied.

 On August 15th, 2018 Judge Iko Denied LeClair's name change petition. 

See name change petition here.

Bankruptcy filing in North Carolina see below.

Jeremy Wyatt LeClair bankruptcy petition.

Jeremy W LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair filed Bankruptcy while 3 lawsuits against his companies and himself were pending. This is Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy W LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair's 2nd bankruptcy since 2005. 

In this current bankruptcy LeClair listed the Internal Revenue Service, GEA Inc. and its principals, banks, credit card companies and individuals as creditors. 

The lawsuit in NC , Mecklenburg County Superior Court 16-CVS-19851, where conversion, breach of contract, voidable conveyance etc... where LeClair's defenses had been thrown out by court order, was stayed due to LeClair's bankruptcy. 

 The Federal lawsuit, where Jeremy LeClair and his companies have fraud allegations etc against them, was stayed as well and has been settled according to court records in September, 2018.

Jeremy Wyatt LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt Bankruptcy filing (pdf)


LeClair_v_United_States_of_America_Treasury__ncwbke-18-03043__0003.0 (pdf)


LeClair name change petition to Jeremy Wyatt (pdf)


Transfer to CaliforniaOrder (pdf)